Services for researchers

The NBB offers the following services to assist researchers through all phases of research project:

Creation of donor registry

Maintenance of donor registry,
including bi-annually clinical data updates

• Enrollment of the donors under the broad Informed Consent

• Samples collection from SUMC departments and/or operation rooms (OR)

• Samples transfer from OR’s to the pathology departments and lab

• Collection of tissue samples from pathology department

• Processing of blood samples and WBC retrieval

• Documentation of time, volumes and storage location of samples

• Data collection for each sample donated

• Data organization through computerized medical software

• Submission of new studies, and more to the Institutional Ethics Committee

• Ongoing submission of forms to the Institutional Ethics Committee

• Responsibility for the extension of studies and their validity

• support for the research coordinators regarding all submissions to the Institutional Ethics Committee

• Submitting new studies to the Ethics and Liability Committee to inform the senior investigator

Storage of the specimens in biorepository utilizing industry best practices