Negev BioBank

The Negev BioBank (NBB) vision is to collect, process and store tissues, blood samples, and other biological specimens obtained from the diverse population of Negev, thereby creating a true population-based biobank.

About Us

We have established the Negev BioBank (NBB), a high quality repository for biological specimens that will operate as the first large-scale, population-based biological archive in Israel. The NBB is a joint initiative of the Soroka University Medical Center and the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev under the supervision of Research Authority at Soroka, together with Prof. Jacob Moran-Gilad, Scientific Director of the NBB and Ayelet Pulbernis, NBB Project Manager.

The NBB operates in several Soroka departments in accordance with the Israel Collaborative Biorepository for Research (ICBR-MIDGAM) rules. MIDGAM is a non-profit organization representing a national Israeli infrastructure for biomedical research. Soroka University Medical Center has recently joined MIDGAM as its active member. MIDGAM supports biobanking initiatives by providing the regulatory and operational environment on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Health and other stakeholders.



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Prof. Jacob Moran-Gilad

Scientific Director of the NBB
פרופסור ויקטור נובק מבית חולים סורוקה בבאר שבע שהינו גם חוקר באוניברסיטת הארווארד

Prof. Victor Novack


Roni Gat

NBB Laboratory Manager

Ayelet Pulvernis

NBB Project Manager

Vladlena Farenbruh

Research Assistant

Oranit Nigreker

Research Assistant

Dana Dvorkin

Research Assistant

Shir Elbaz

Research Assistant

Michal Elbaz

Research Assistant

Eden Sarov

Research Assistant

Oriya Deri

Research Assistant

Roni Bialostozky

Research Assistant